public static final enum


extends Enum<GraphicsLayer.RenderingMode>
   ↳ java.lang.Enum<>

Class Overview

GraphicsLayers can be rendered in two modes.


Enum Values
GraphicsLayer.RenderingMode  DYNAMIC  Dynamic rendering mode. 
GraphicsLayer.RenderingMode  STATIC  Static rendering mode. 
Public Methods
static GraphicsLayer.RenderingMode valueOf(String name)
static final RenderingMode[] values()
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Enum Values

public static final GraphicsLayer.RenderingMode DYNAMIC

Dynamic rendering mode. This is the default mode and is recommended to be used in all cases; particularly for graphics which must change location regularly based on real time events. This mode animates graphics smoothly when zooming in and out.

public static final GraphicsLayer.RenderingMode STATIC

Static rendering mode. This is a graphics layer with a raster image. Use this mode when the dynamic rendering mode has been proven to have a limit (based on the type and number of graphics and memory of the graphics card). It cannot be used for individual layers in a WebMap's GroupLayer or a MessageGroupLayer. In this mode, graphics are expected to be added in a batch, and not changed frequently.

Public Methods

public static GraphicsLayer.RenderingMode valueOf (String name)

name String

public static final RenderingMode[] values ()