public interface


Class Overview

Interface defining a Bitmap filter. The Filter will take a Bitmap, apply any sort of desired custom image filtering to it, and then return the modified Bitmap. This can be used with setTileImageFilter(ImageFilter) as well as setImageFilter(ImageFilter). Filtering can be performed in a variety of ways, such as Renderscript kernels or Java code. When possible, modifying the Bitmap that was passed to the filter will be more memory efficient than copying the pixels to a new Bitmap.


Public Methods
abstract Bitmap applyFilter(Bitmap bmp)
Applies an image filter to the passed Bitmap.

Public Methods

public abstract Bitmap applyFilter (Bitmap bmp)

Applies an image filter to the passed Bitmap. The passed Bitmap is mutable, so this method may simply modify the pixels in the Bitmap and then return it. If this is not possible (for example, when doing a convolution filter), then new pixel values may be copied to a new Bitmap instance and that can be returned.

bmp Bitmap: the original image to be modified
Bitmap the modified Bitmap