Provides classes for all the different elements of a map.


ImageFilter Interface defining a Bitmap filter. 
LocationDisplayManager.LocationFilterCallback Defines a custom location filter to apply to the LocationDisplayManager, which determines whether an incoming location update is applied or discarded. 
MapGestureDetector.OnGestureListener This interface is deprecated. at 10.2.4 - for internal use only.  



The Callout class draws a callout window on a MapView and manages its behavior. 

CalloutPopupWindow This class is deprecated. at 10.2.4 please use Callout  
CalloutStyle Holds style parameters used by callout window. 
DynamicLayer DynamicLayer is the base class for all map services that contain dynamic layers and can be added to a map. 
FeatureLayer FeatureLayer is a type of Layer composed of features; features in a FeatureLayer comprise a geometry and a consistent set of attributes. 
GraphicsLayer The GraphicsLayer class represents a layer that contains one or more Graphic features. 
Grid This class allows you to control the display of a grid on a MapView by setting its type and visibility. 
GroupLayer A group layer is a collection of layers extending from the Layer class. 
Layer The base layer for all layers that can be added into MapView
LocationDisplayManager Class providing UI support to display the current location of the device on a MapView. 
MapGestureDetector This class is deprecated. at 10.2.4 - for internal use only.  
MapOnTouchListener An interface definition for a callback to be invoked when a touch event is dispatched to a MapView. 

The options to instantiate a MapView with a given pre-defined MapOptions.MapType, zoom level and map center. 

MapView The MapView is the main mapping component of the ArcGIS API for Android. 
RasterLayer This layer can render raster data and display it in a MapView. 
TiledLayer TiledLayer is the base class for all tiled layers that can be added to a map. 
TiledServiceLayer TiledServiceLayer is the base class for all online tiled services. 
TiledServiceLayer.TileInfo A class wrapping the tiled info. 


FeatureLayer.SelectionMode The modes used for selecting features. 
GraphicsLayer.MarkerRotationMode In dynamic rendering mode the rotation of marker symbols can either be around the symbol origin or the symbol can be offset and then rotated around its original origin. 
GraphicsLayer.RenderingMode GraphicsLayers can be rendered in two modes. 
Grid.GridType The Enum GridType. 
LocationDisplayManager.AutoPanMode Modes of automatically panning the map to center on the current location. 
MapOptions.MapType Pre-defined basemaps for use with MapOptions to simplify creating Basemap layers in a MapView