Provides interfaces and classes for creating, viewing, editing and designing Popups.


ArcGISEditAttributesAdapter.Required Interface used to define the behavior of a view when an attribute is required (nullable = false) 
AttachmentView Interface to be implemented by attachment views. 
AttributeView Interface to be implemented by attribute views (edit mode). 
Popup.PopupListener Interface for a listener triggered by different changes of state of the popup  
PopupEditable Interface to be implemented by popup views if they want to implement a behavior when switching to and from edit mode 
PopupLayer Interface to be implemented by MapView layers if they provide a method to create a Popup

Interface to be implemented by classes used as layout for the popup. 

PopupRefreshable Interface to be implemented by popup views if processing needs to be done when the popup is refreshed. 
PopupStyle Interface to be implemented by popup styling classes. 
PopupValid Interface to be implemented by popup views if they take part in the validation of the popup. 


ArcGISAbstractMediaView Abstract View class which serves as a base for attachment and media views. 
ArcGISAbstractMediaView.ExpandableHeightGridView ExpandableHeightGridView class defines a height expandable grid view where the attachments/media will be arranged. 
ArcGISAttachmentsAdapter Default adapter for attachments 
ArcGISAttachmentsView Default view to display attachments in the popup. 
ArcGISAttributesAdapter Abstract adapter class to display graphic attributes in the popup. 
ArcGISAttributesAdapter.AttributeInfo Class gathering all information regarding an attribute 
ArcGISAttributesAdapter.FieldLabelView Default view class to display an attribute label  
ArcGISAttributesAdapter.LayoutResource This class is used to create a layout based on a field type 
ArcGISAttributesAdapter.SeparatorView Default view class to display a separator  

Default view to display graphic's attributes in the popup. 

ArcGISDescriptionAdapter This class is deprecated. at 10.1.1 please use ArcGISReadOnlyAttributesAdapter  
ArcGISEditAttributesAdapter Default attribute adapter to display graphic's attributes in edit mode. 
ArcGISEditAttributesAdapter.DateTimePickerDialog Dialog to display and edit date and time attribute. 
ArcGISLayout This class is deprecated. please use PopupDefaultLayout.  
ArcGISMediaAdapter Default media adapter. 
ArcGISMediaFullScreenPageAdapter Default adapter to display media in full screen 
ArcGISMediaFullScreenView Default view to display the media in full screen. 
ArcGISMediaView Default view to display the popup media 
ArcGISPopupStyle Default style for the popup. 
ArcGISReadOnlyAttributesAdapter Default adapter to display graphic's attributes in read-only mode. 
ArcGISReadOnlyAttributesAdapter.DescriptionView Class inheriting from WebView to display a map's description 
ArcGISReadOnlyAttributesAdapter.FieldValueView Class inheriting from TextView to display the value of a field 

Default view to display a popup title. 

ArcGISValueFormat Convenient class to format values in the popup. 
Popup Popup class. 
PopupContainer Class containing multiple Popups and allowing to swipe through them. 
PopupContainerView The PopupContainerView class provides the basic user interface (UI) and behavior for displaying and editing information about graphics in a popup. 
PopupDefaultLayout Default layout for the popup. 
PopupLayoutInfo The PopupLayoutInfo class represents layout definitions of a popup. 
PopupUtil Utility class providing convenient methods for the popup.