Contains classes related to geodatabases, including geodatabase tables and features.


Geodatabase The Geodatabase class is for opening and accessing the contents of a geodatabase file. 
GeodatabaseEditError Represents an error of a feature or attachment edit such as add, update or delete. 
GeodatabaseFeature Represents a feature in a geodatabase feature table (GeodatabaseFeatureTable). 
GeodatabaseFeatureServiceTable Represents a feature table created from an ArcGIS service. 
GeodatabaseFeatureTable Represents a feature table from a geodatabase. 
GeodatabaseFeatureTableEditErrors This class contains the results of synching a geodatabase with the remote service it was created from. 
Geopackage The Geopackage class is for opening and accessing the contents of an OGC standard GeoPackage file. 
GeopackageFeature Represents a feature in a geopackage feature table (GeopackageFeatureTable). 
GeopackageFeatureTable The GeopackageFeatureTable represents a feature table of a geopackage. 
Relationship This class describes the relationship between tables from a local geodatabase. 
ShapefileFeature Represents a feature in a shapefile feature table (ShapefileFeatureTable). 
ShapefileFeatureTable The ShapefileFeatureTable allows a shapefile to be opened and displayed in a map by using a FeatureLayer


GeodatabaseEditError.EditOperation Type of edit operation a GeodatabaseEditError instance represents. 
GeodatabaseFeatureServiceTable.FeatureRequestMode Defines modes that determine how the table is populated with features and whether they are cached or not. 
GeodatabaseFeatureServiceTable.Status Represents the initialization status. 
Relationship.Cardinality The cardinality of the relationship. 
Relationship.Role Describes whether this table is the origin or destination of the relationship.