Provides classes for different types of geometries, such as Points, Lines or Polylines, Polygons, and for geometric calculations such as buffering, simplifying, calculating areas and lengths, and projecting.


AngularUnit.Code The codes defined for the angular units. 
AreaUnit.Code Area unit codes. 
LinearUnit.Code Linear Unit codes 


AngularUnit The units to measure angles. 
AreaUnit The units to measure for areas. 
CompositeGeographicTransformation Transformation that contains a ordered list of GeographicTransformation
CoordinateConversion The CoordinateConversion class contains a number of static methods which are for converting between Point and coordinate strings. 
Envelope Envelopes are the rectangular window that contain a specific element. 
GeographicTransformation Class representing a transformation to project from one spatial reference to another. 
Geometry Geometries are objects that define a spatial location and an associated geometric shape. 
GeometryEngine This class provides a set of static methods to perform geometric operations on geometry instances. 
Latlon Utility class providing convenience methods to create geometries from latitude and longitude coordinates. 
Line A straight line between a pair of points. 
LinearUnit Unit for measurement of dimensions. 
MapGeometry The MapGeometry class bundles the geometry with its spatial reference together. 
MultiPath The MulitPath class is a base class for polygons and polylines. 
MultiPoint A Multipoint is a collection of points. 
Point A Point is a zero-dimensional object that represents a specific (X,Y) location in a two-dimensional XY-Plane. 
Polygon A polygon is a collection of one or many interior or exterior rings. 
Polyline A polyline is a collection of one or many paths. 
ProjectionTransformation Class to indicate a projection transformation to transform a geometry from one spatial reference to another. 
Proximity2DResult Proximity operators are used to find the distance between two geometries or the distance from a given point to the nearest point on another geometry. 
Segment A base class for segments. 
SegmentIterator This class provides functionality to iterate over multipath segments. 
SpatialReference An abstract class that represents the spatial reference of a geometry. 
Transformation2D The affine transformation class for 2D. 
Unit A base class for units. 


CoordinateConversion.GARSConversionMode Global area System conversion options. 
CoordinateConversion.MGRSConversionMode Military Grid System conversion options. 
CoordinateConversion.UTMConversionMode Universal Transverse Mercator System conversion options. 
Geometry.Type The type of this geometry. 
GeometryEngine.JoinType Join types for the geodesic offset operation. 
SpatialReference.Type The spatial reference type can be local, geographic, or projected. 
Unit.UnitType Unit type (linear, angular, area, unknown). 


GeometryException A runtime exception raised when a geometry related exception occurs.