Contains miscellaneous classes that are used during network input/output.


EsriErrorCode An interface that all Exception objects appearing in status change notifications on the MapView must implement. 
HttpRequestListener This interface allows HTTP requests to be intercepted and modified before they are sent out. 
OnSelfSignedCertificateListener Implements the listener to handle self-signed certificates. 


HttpRequestHandler A singleton class that gives access to some features of HTTP requests. 
ProxySetup This class is used to configure network access through a proxy server and allows you to set the host name, port and any authentication that may be required. 
SelfSignedCertificateHandler Registers a listener here to handle self-signed certificates. 
UserCredentials This class represents user credential for accessing secure ArcGIS Services and Tasks. 


UserCredentials.AuthenticationType The supported authentication type. 


EsriSecurityException An Exception that describes problems encountered while accessing secure ArcGIS services. 
EsriServiceException An EsriServiceException is an exception indicating that an operation failed when processing a REST request. 
EsriUnsupportedException The Class EsriUnsupportedException.