Provides classes to work with WMTS layers of the Open Geospatial Consortium, OGC.


WMTSLayerInfo This class contains information on a single WMTS layer provided by a WMTS service. 
WMTSServiceInfo This class contains information on an OGC WMTS service. 
WMTSStyle This class defines a style for a WMTS layer. 
WMTSTileMatrix An instance of this class defines one level of detail for a layer in a WMTS service. 
WMTSTileMatrixLimits This class defines a limited subset of tiles for a tile matrix within a tile matrix set and is associated with a tile matrix by sharing an identifier. 
WMTSTileMatrixSet This class contains a collection of WMTSTileMatrix instances and defines all the levels of detail covered by a WMTS layer. 
WMTSTileMatrixSet.TileMatrixComparator Compare two WMTS tile matrices for the purpose of sorting them from largest scale denominator to lowest. 
WMTSTileMatrixSetLink This class is used to link a WMTS layer with the tile matrix sets that can be used to draw that layer. 


WMTSServiceMode Mode for accessing a WMTS service: either using REST urls (REST mode) or a base service URL with parameters (KVP mode).