Provides mechanisms for connecting to a Portal or Organization and contains classes for constructing a WebMap.


Portal.GetAuthCodeCallback This is a callback interface used by the Portal.doOAuthUserAuthenticate() methods to get the calling app to display a web page that asks the user to login. 


BaseMap This class represents a base map described in a WebMap. 
FeatureCollection This class represents a feature collection. 
LicenseInfo This class contains information retrieved from a portal by calling getLicenseInfo()
Portal This class is used for connecting to an ArcGIS portal and searching for items, users, and groups. 
PortalFolder This class represents a folder associated with a PortalUser's profile, maintained in a Portal. 
PortalGroup This class represents a Group in a Portal. 
PortalInfo Class used to hold some information about the Portal such as default basemap, featured groups, etc. 
PortalInfo.GeocodeServiceInfo Information about a geocode service that is provided by the Portal. 
PortalInfo.HelperServices Container for helper services that are provided by the Portal. 
PortalItem This class represents an item stored in an ArcGIS portal and contains information about the item such as the item's unique ID, the owning Portal, and the type of item it is (PortalItemType), for example a WebMap, a map service, or a tile package. 
PortalItemComment Class that holds the content from a comment on a PortalItem such as owner, comment, created date. 
PortalQueryParams This class contains query parameters suitable for finding content or groups contained in a Portal. 
PortalQueryResultSet<T> A class that contains the results of queries performed on a Portal. 
PortalUser This class represents a registered user on a Portal. 
PortalUserContent Class that holds the PortalUser's content as a List of PortalItems and PortalFolders. 
WebMap This class represents a WebMap and provides access to the base layers and operational layers within a WebMap. 
WebMapLayer This class represents a layer within a WebMap. 
WebMapPopupInfo This class contains the PopupInfo for a WebMapLayer
WebMapSubLayer This class represents a sub-layer of a higher level layer within a WebMap


PortalAccess Signifies the level of access that an object has. 
PortalItemType Represents the type of a PortalItem stored in a Portal. 
PortalMode Signifies the tenancy mode of a portal. 
PortalQueryParams.PortalQuerySortOrder Describes whether the query results get returned in ascending or descending order. 
PortalRelationshipDirection The direction of the item relationship. 
PortalRelationshipType A relationship of a certain type between two items. 
PortalUserRole Signifies the role of the portal user. 
WebMapLayer.Mode The operational mode of an ArcGIS feature layer in a WebMap. 
WebMapLayer.Type The type of layer in a WebMap. 


InvalidPortalItemIdException This exception will be thrown when an attempt is made to create an instance of a specific Portal item using the item ID of a different type. 
PortalException This class encapsulates exceptions that may be raised when communicating with a Portal.