Provides different types of renderers used to symbolize graphics.


RasterRenderer Interface for a RasterRenderer. 
Renderer Base class for all renderers - use SimpleRenderer with a GraphicsLayer. 


AlgorithmicColorRamp This class defines an algorithmically generated color ramp to be used by a server when generating a class breaks or unique value renderer. 
BaseRenderer Common implementation for all supported renderers. 
BlendRenderer The BlendRenderer allows the user to specify elevation data for a raster that they are displaying, and allows a hillshade to be computed and blended with the original raster. 
ClassBreak The Class ClassBreak. 
ClassBreaksDefinition This class defines a class breaks renderer when requesting a renderer from a dynamic map service's generateDataClasses REST endpoint. 

A class breaks renderer symbolizes each graphic based on the value of some numeric attribute. 

ClassificationDefinition This is the base class for classification definition classes used when requesting renderers from dynamic map services. 
Colormap A colormap defines a mapping of integer values to colors, with a label for each pair. 
Colormap.UniqueValue A UniqueValue of a Colormap refers to a single pixel value to color mapping. 
ColormapRenderer A Colormap renderer provides a discrete mapping of raster pixel values to colors. 
ColorRamp This class defines a color ramp that should be used by a server when generating a renderer from either UniqueValueDefinition or ClassBreaksDefinition
DictionaryRenderer This is a renderer defined by dictionary. 
HillshadeRenderer HillshadeRenderer can be applied to a RasterLayer created with single band raster data. 
MultipartColorRamp This class contains a list of ColorRamp instances and is intended to be used to define non-contiguous color ramps. 
RampDefinition This class is used to store the properties of an AlgorithmicColorRamp and serialize/deserialize to/from JSON. 
RGBRenderer RGBRenderer can be applied to a RasterLayer created with multi band raster data. 
SimpleRenderer A simple renderer uses the same symbol for every graphic. 
StretchParameters StretchParameters are options of the StretchRenderer and the RGBRenderer
StretchParameters.ClipStretchParameters Stretches based on min and max clip. 
StretchParameters.HistogramStretchParamaeters Stretches based on histogram. 
StretchParameters.MinMaxStretchParameters Stretches based on MinMax value. 
StretchParameters.StdDevStretchParameters Stretches based on standard deviation. 
StretchRenderer The StretchRenderer displays continuous raster cell values across a gradual ramp of colors. 
UniqueValue Instances of this class represent unique value objects that are used in unique value renderers. 
UniqueValueDefinition This class defines a unique value renderer when requesting a renderer from a dynamic map service's generateDataClasses REST endpoint. 
UniqueValueRenderer A unique value renderer symbolizes groups of graphics that have matching attributes. 


ClassBreaksDefinition.ClassificationMethod The ClassificationMethod to be used by the server when determining class breaks. 
NormalizationType The class defines a way to normalize the class break values and used in ClassBreaksDefinition 
RampDefinition.Algorithm Defines an algorithm used by a map server to generate a color ramp given starting and ending colors. 
RotationType Represents the rotationType property of a renderer. 
StretchParameters.StretchType Enum containing the different possible types of StretchParameters.