Provides classes relating to geodatabase tasks, including generating a local geodatabase from a feature service and syncing with the service.


GeodatabaseStatusCallback Implement this interface and use with the GeodatabaseSyncTask to receive status updates as they happen. 


GenerateGeodatabaseParameters A class representing the parameters used to generate a geodatabase when using the GeodatabaseSyncTask class. 
GeodatabaseStatusInfo Class providing information on the status of a geodatabase task. 
GeodatabaseSyncTask The GeodatabaseSyncTask class is for managing the offline usage of ArcGIS services. 
LayerQueries This class defines a collection of LayerQuery instances used to filter layers when defining a geodatabase for disconnected editing. 
LayerQuery This class is used to define a filter for a single layer in a geodatabase. 
LayerSyncInfo This class contains synchronisation information for a geodatabase layer. 
LayerSyncInfos A list of LayerSyncInfo objects 
SyncGeodatabaseParameters This class is used with the various synchronisation methods in GeodatabaseSyncTask to provide information on the synchronisation process. 


GeodatabaseStatusInfo.Status This enum is used to indicate the current status of the geodatabase task. 
SyncDirection Sync direction. 
SyncModel Use to indicate the synchronisation model used by a geodatabase.