Deploy your app

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android enables you to build mapping applications for Android platform phones and tablet devices. Follow the steps below to ensure you've licensed the capabilities your app uses and that you understand associated costs.

  1. License your app.
  2. Verify that you have appropriately notified Esri of your deployment plans as follows:

    App contains:

    Required for deployment:

    Content or services from ArcGIS Online

    Get an ArcGIS Online Developer subscription. See Plans for your options, and

    FAQ for details.

    Content or services from on-premises (ArcGIS for Server or Portal for ArcGIS)

    Fill out a deployment questionnaire and e-mail it to

    A mix of content and services from ArcGIS Online and on-premises solutions

    Start by filling out a deployment questionnaire and e-mailing it to We will guide you with what else is required.

If your app is licensed at the Standard level and you would like to deploy it via an app store or marketplace, let us know by emailing