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Release notes for 10.2.6


There is no new functionality as this minor release is a bug fix release


There is no new functionality as this minor release fixes one significant bug offered below:

  1. x86 libs bundled in AAR file now work with emulators and x86 devices running lollipop, Android API 5.x.


API additions

  • Implemented interface on the SyncGeodatabaseParameters class, to allow geodatabase synchronization parameters to be serialized to local storage when required, for example if an app is terminated or paused while synchronizing.
  • Added GeodatabaseStatusInfo.fromJson(JsonParser, String) overload. You can pass in a string representing the JobId to set on the resulting GeodatabaseStatusInfo object.

Issues fixed

  • ENH-000085213 - When no location updates are available (for example, when using device GPS only, and no GPS signal is available), GPS indicator in map will now use a grey symbol to indicate using last known location (previously may have remained as a blue icon).
  • ENH-000084892 - LocationDisplayManager can no longer be successfully started if all location settings are disabled on the device; in this case, warnings are logged in Android LogCat (previously, GPS indicator may have displayed a symbol at 0,0 lat,long if GPS sensor was off, and there was no indication that making use of the LocationDisplayManager correctly was not possible).
  • BUG-000084156 - If network connections are interrupted prior to executing synchronizeReplica when synchronizing disconnected edits, a synchronizeReplica call that was interrupted during the synchronize process can now successfully be re-attempted using the same sync parameters (previously the edits could no longer be synchronized and subsequent attempts were unsuccessful).
  • BUG-000086242 - A new token is generated to access hosted services through an HTTP secured portal when using credentials that have been serialized and deserialized (previously a new token may not have been correctly generated in this case).
  • The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android library module hosted in the Bintray maven repository contains fixes for the following issues (these issues were not in the local download of the SDK at version 10.2.5).
    1. BUG-000087617 - Synchronizing edits to feature service that is hosted in ArcGIS Server 10.2.2 fails with an error in uploading item part XXX when using ArcGIS runtime SDK for Android 10.2.5 available through an Esri maven repository hosted with Bintray.
    2. BUG-000084930 - The issue of creating an ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer with a map service URL on Android API level 21 crashing the application has been fixed.
    3. BUG-000086307 - The problem displaying a service with a spatial reference of 102441 or 102443 in a ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android application targeting Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system has been fixed.
    4. BUG-000087382 - The issue that MapOptions.Center does not work when the device language setting is Finnish has been fixed.
  • Culture is now correctly set for Portal queries using the getBasemapGalleryGroupQuery, resulting in correctly localized responses.
  • LocationDisplayManager performance has been enhanced to store symbols as Json allowing for a smaller memory footprint (previously, symbols were stored as drawables).
  • The GeodatabaseStatusInfo.getJobId method now correctly returns the synchronization job ID.
  • When editing a layer with feature templates in a popup, changing a field that changes the feature template will display a dialog prompting the user to either cancel the change, reapply the default template values for all fields, or to keep the current edits (previously the default values would overwrite any other edits previously made to the feature attributes).
  • A drawing issue specific to using the Android emulator on systems with Intel graphics cards has been addressed; this no longer causes a crash.

Known limitations

  • x86 native *.so files bundled in AAR do not work on android stock x86 emulator. They do work on device. If you need to test on x86 emulator then you should avoid using the AAR bundle, and instead add all the libs manually.

    This is fixed with v10.2.6-1, we encourage everyone to be using v10.2.6 Update 1.

  • For Android 5.0 devices, if SwitchBaseMap is called twice in succession, the first call will be cancelled, but the onSwitchBaseMapCompleted callback will not be called back for the cancelled call.
  • In some cases when zooming in on a map with a RasterLayer, the data from the previous zoom level may remain in the display.
  • A RasterLayer instantiated from FileRasterSource cannot be reprojected automatically. Workaround: Call the FileRasterSource.project method before passing the FileRasterSource to the RasterLayer constructor.
  • If a geodatabase file has been replaced with different data, an existing Geodatabase instance may still have a reference to the replicaIId of the previous deleted geodatabase file.
  • When wrap-around is enabled for a map, loading a web map that has an extent with coordinates outside the bounds of the spatial reference can result in the wrap-around failing.
  • When uploading attachments to a secure service, 403 errors received from the service may be treated as unauthorized access exceptions.
  • When using a FeatureServiceTable, you can edit related records, but relationships between records cannot be edited, created, or deleted.
  • It is not possible to use Ownership Based Access Control (OBAC) functionality with a disconnected geodatabase created from an ArcGIS Server version earlier than 10.3. Workaround: Use ArcGIS for Server 10.3.
  • Geopackage vector feature tables that have a geometry type defined as Geometry or Geometry Collection cannot be read, displayed, or edited.
  • Each individual raster file used in a raster layer is limited in size to 4GB; this is a current limitation of the Android platform.
  • Callouts that contain WebViews as content, and that are displayed using Callout.animatedShow() or Callout.animatedHide(), may display content poorly—content may appear fuzzy, and callout may flash at end of hide animation. Workaround is to use non-animated alternatives, Callout.hide() and, if affected.
  • FeatureServiceTable does not support time-awareness.
  • Advanced Symbology doesn't support MIL-2525C and APP 6B dictionaries installed on same device. Workaround this issue by setting the path of one of the resources explicitly, using the MessageProcessor constructor that allows you to set the symbol dictionary path.
  • New feature services created from ArcMap from feature classes that have names containing SQL keywords like "desc" and "asc" may cause initialization to fail if used in a GeodatabaseFeatureServiceTable. Workaround is to change feature class names to non-reserved words.
  • CalloutPopupWindow may display incorrectly if style with corner curve value of 0 is used.
  • When not using a full screen view for the OAuthView, enterprise logins may not work properly if the organization has several redirect pages.
  • Geodatabases need to be synced and edited from the same thread, otherwise edits will not be visible.
  • Services with a casing mismatch between the field names used in the 'editFieldsInfo' and 'fields' JSON attributes (defined in the service REST endpoint) may not honor editor tracking.
  • Rendering fails for layers with class breaks renderer when the class breaks field is SHAPE.AREA or SHAPE.LEN.
  • Failure to load webmaps with basemaps that have pop-ups defined.
  • WebMap which contains ArcGIS Server .NET 10.1 secured services never loads, and WebMapLayer which should be skipped is not skipped.
  • When a Popup has multiple media and one image has invalid URL and a valid URL is linked to this image , tapping on this image in full screen mode won't open the linked page.
  • If there are more than one reference layer in a basemap they don't all get shown.
  • Popup Pie chart can't be created if one of the values is negative.
  • Selection mode 'subtract' does not work correctly when using ArcGISFeatureLayer in snapshot mode.
  • The onWebMapLayerAdd event won't be triggered when a feature collection is added to a webmap.
  • Unique value renderer does not support field2.
  • NIM103321 Chinese and Korean characters may not display correctly in a text symbol if using a default font.
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