Class FeatureEditResult

  • public final class FeatureEditResult
    extends EditResult
    An object that represents the results of an attempt to push an feature update to a feature service. You need to pass this object to all feature edit result methods. Represents the result of an edit operation to a feature, such as after applying the edit operation to a service by calling ServiceFeatureTable.applyEditsAsync() or syncing results for a table in a geodatabase from a SyncGeodatabaseJob.

    FeatureEditResult contains EditResults for each attachment edit.

    • Method Detail

      • getAttachmentResults

        public java.util.List<EditResult> getAttachmentResults()
        Gets a list of the results of edits to the attachments of this feature.
        an unmodifiable list containing the result of all the attachment edits of this feature. If no attachments were edited, this returns an empty list