Class Multipart

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    Polygon, Polyline

    public abstract class Multipart
    extends Geometry
    Defines common members for polyline and polygon multipart geometries.

    Multipart geometry is comprised of a collection of shapes (of the same type) that is managed as a single geometry. A classic example is a set of islands that represent a single country or state. The individual island shapes are distinct, but ArcGIS considers it a single geometry.

    Polygon and Polyline inherit from Multipart, which in turn inherits from Geometry. Multipart provides access to the geometry's ImmutablePartCollection: use the getParts() method to return the immutable collection of parts that compose the Multipart geometry. Each ImmutablePart in the collection is a collection of Segment objects. You can iterate through the segments or points in each part.

    In the same way as Polygon and Polyline are immutable, their multipart collections are also immutable: ImmutablePartCollection, ImmutablePart, and ImmutablePointCollection.

    Each part is independent of the others, but rules exist for different types of multipart. Using GeometryEngine.simplify(Geometry) creates a copy of the shape that obeys the rules of topological simplicity for that geometry type.

    See Also:
    MultipartBuilder, Polygon, Polyline, ImmutablePartCollection
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        public ImmutablePartCollection getParts()
        Gets the immutable collection of parts that compose this Multipart geometry. Use this collection to iterate through the ImmutableParts, and in turn the Segments or Points, that describe the shape of this geometry.

        If the geometry Geometry.isEmpty(), this method returns an empty collection.

        an ImmutablePartCollection of the Parts of this Multipart