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Deploy your app

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android enables you to build mapping applications for Android platform phones and tablet devices. Follow the steps below to ensure you've licensed the capabilities your app uses.

  1. License your app.
  2. If your app uses content or services from ArcGIS Online, get an ArcGIS Online developer subscription. See Plans for your options and FAQ for details.
  3. If your app uses local data, review Deploy local data below.

If your app is licensed at the Standard level and you would like to deploy it via an app store or marketplace, let us know by emailing

When you create the APK for your application you may want to consider targeting your app for a specific architecture to reduce the size of your APK.

Deploy local data

Deploying data locally allows users to access it without a network connection. Local data refers to files that are not part of the Android application package deployment. Some examples of files typically used as offline data are mobile map packages, runtime geodatabases, offline locators and network datasets, and tile packages.

Local offline data can be downloaded while the device has a network connection—for example when tile packages are generated from the device and downloaded, or when the desktop pattern is used to create mobile map packages and store them in a portal for download to the device. Alternatively, data can be copied to a device's internal storage (also known as sideloading) using a tool such as the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) or deployed using an expandable memory slot. Copying to a device can be useful when files are prepared using ArcGIS Desktop or Pro and when deploying the same files to many devices.

Projection engine files

If your app is using grid-based transformations, deploy the required Projection Engine files to the device by copying (sideloading) them or downloading them directly onto the device.

These Projection Engine data files are available for download from the downloads page on (requires you to log in).

ENC (electronic navigational charts) style directory

If your application displays ENC layers, deploy the hydrography directory, available for download from the downloads page on (requires you to log in).

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