ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android

Add Graphics Renderer


The Add Graphics Renderer sample demonstrates how to add graphics to a List, create a SimpleRenderer to represent a symbol and style, and add the renderer to the MapView.


  • MapView
  • Graphic
  • GraphicsOverlay
  • ListenableList
  • SimpleRenderer
  • SimpleMarkerSymbol

Developer Pattern

Graphics are added to a GraphicsOverlay without any symbols or styles. You create a Renderer to add to the GraphicsOverlay which defines the symbol as SimpleMarkerSymbol which sets the style to be rendered.

point graphic Point pointGeometry = new Point(40e5, 40e5,
SpatialReferences.getWebMercator()); // red diamond point symbol
SimpleMarkerSymbol pointSymbol = new
SimpleMarkerSymbol(SimpleMarkerSymbol.Style.DIAMOND, Color.RED, 10); // create
graphic for point Graphic pointGraphic = new Graphic(pointGeometry); // create
a graphic overlay for the point GraphicsOverlay pointGraphicOverlay = new
GraphicsOverlay(); // create simple renderer SimpleRenderer pointRenderer = new
SimpleRenderer(pointSymbol); pointGraphicOverlay.setRenderer(pointRenderer); //
add graphic to overlay pointGraphicOverlay.getGraphics().add(pointGraphic); //
add graphics overlay to the MapView