What is Calcite Design System?

Calcite Design System is a collection of reusable components, coupled with implementation guidance and advice, that together can be used to build engaging and consistent products and applications. Its purpose is to create and maintain common standards of aesthetics, interface design, accessibility, usability, and patterns, while strengthening a consistent and familiar experience across and between mapping applications.

How can I use Calcite Design System?

You can start building web apps or websites at the getting started page. Additionally, we have a Sketch UI kit and Figma UI kit for designers along with the best practices for working with devs to ensure consistent design outcomes.

Calcite Design System serves as the collective documentation resource for both design guidance and composable frameworks. Tools, guidance, and inspiration, UI kits, and other Calcite Design System frameworks.

The suggested patterns and component guidelines represent the best in user-centric design thinking across our family of applications and products. As such, this resource is a living, growing domain that will continue to evolve in lockstep with the best design at Esri.

What are the Calcite Design System repositories?

Esri's design principles, components, and patterns can be consumed through a suite of frameworks to help you get started quickly. The Calcite Design System makes reference of patterns and components provided by these frameworks, however the source of truth for implementation-specific documentation will always be found at each's respective GitHub project.


Calcite Components Examples

Calcite Colors

Calcite UI Icons

Calcite Point Symbols

Calcite UI Kits

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