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Service credits are consumed for specific transactions and types of storage such as storing features, performing analytics, and using premium content. Any app you develop that interacts with ArcGIS Online such can use credits. For a deeper explanation of credits please see Understand credits.

If you need more than 1 million map transactions per month, contact us.

What can you do with 50 credits?

If you spent all 50 credits on one service, you'd be able to do one of the following:

Service Amount
Tile Generation 50,000 tiles
Feature Service 208 MB storage
Tile / Data Storage 41 GB storage
Geocoding 1,250 geocodes
Simple Route 1,250 simple routes
Optimized Route 100 optimized routes
Drive Times 100 drive times
Closest Facility 100 closest facility searches
VRP Solvers 50 routes
GeoEnrichment 5,000 variables
Geotrigger Service 600 Geotrigger events
Infographics 4,545 views
Demographic Maps 50,000 map draws
Reports 5 reports
Analysis 50,000 features analyzed
All plans include 1,000,000 basemap map transactions per month (1 transaction is up to 8 tiles) and 1,000,000 geosearch transactions. Geosearch transactions turn addresses into lat/lon coordinates on a one-by-one basis for display purposes only. If you need to store the lat/lon, or do batch geocoding, you must use the geocode service which consumes credits at a rate of 40 credits per 1,000 addresses. If you need more basemaps or geocodes Contact us.

Credit Use by Service

This is a breakdown of the credit cost for all of Esri's services. With your plan you can also draw up to 1,000,000 maps per month. Need more tiles? Contact us.

Service Cost
GeoEnrichment Query 10 credits/1000 Variables queried
Demographic Maps 10 credits per 1000 map draws
Infographics 10 credits per 1000 views
Feature Service Storage 2.4 credits per 10MB stored
Simple Directions 25 per credit
Optimized Directions 2 per credit
Drive Time and Service Area 2 per credit
Closest Place 2 per credit
Delivery Optimization 1 credits per route
Location Allocation 10 demand point routes per credit
Place Search Free
Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding 40 credits per 1000 geocodes
Esri Maps Up to 1,000,000 map draws per month
Custom Tile Storage 1.2 credits per GB of tiles

Spatial Analysis Task Credit Breakdown

Analysis Cost
Summarize Nearby 0.5 credits per drive-time or drive distance
Enrich Layer 1 credits per 100 data variables (attributes)
Create Drive-time Areas 0.5 credits per drive-time or drive distance
Find Nearest 0.5 credits per location found
Plan Routes 0.5 credits per route generated
All other analysis tasks 1 credit per 1000 features