Credit Cost by Service

This is a breakdown of the credit cost for all Esri's services. With your plan you can also draw up to 1,000,000 maps per month. Need more tiles? Contact us.

Service Cost
GeoEnrichment Query 10 credits/1000 Variables queried
Demographic Maps 10 credits per 1000 map draws
Infographics 10 credits per 1000 views
Feature Service Storage 2.4 credits per 10MB stored
Simple Directions 25 per credit
Optimized Directions 2 per credit
Drive Time and Service Area 2 per credit
Closest Place 2 per credit
Delivery Optimization 1 credits per route
Location Allocation 10 demand point routes per credit
Place Search Free
Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding 40 credits per 1000 geocodes
Esri Maps Up to 1,000,000 map draws per month
Custom Tile Storage 1.2 credits per GB of tiles

Spatial Analysis Task Credit Breakdown

Analysis Cost
Summarize Nearby 0.5 credits per drive-time or drive distance
Enrich Layer 1 credits per 100 data variables (attributes)
Create Drive-time Areas 0.5 credits per drive-time or drive distance
Find Nearest 0.5 credits per location found
Plan Routes 0.5 credits per route generated
All other analysis tasks 1 credit per 1000 features

Service credits are consumed for specific transactions and types of storage such as storing features, performing analytics, and using premium content. Any app you develop that interacts with ArcGIS Online can use credits. For a deeper explanation of credits please see Understand credits.

If you need more than 1 million map transactions per month, contact us.

What Requires Service Credits?

You can use service credits in exchange for storage, analytics, demographics and lifestyle maps. Use the chart above or visit our documentation page for more information.

What Does Not Require Service Credits?

Most of what you do with ArcGIS Online does not require service credits including accessing data stored in your layers, using basemaps and imagery layers, exporting your data.

What are the terms and conditions?

Read through our FAQ and/or our plain English terms. You can also read the full terms and conditions.

What is a deployment plan and do I need it when I go to production?

Not necessarily. A deployment plan licenses the use of ArcGIS Online. If your app uses ArcGIS Online, but doesn’t use more than 50 Credits, and doesn’t generate any revenue you may deploy your apps without a paid deployment plan.

Do I have to choose a deployment plan now?

No. When you sign up for the ArcGIS Developer Program 50 credits per month are included to develop your applications. You can choose your plan when you go into production or if you need more then 50 credits to develop your application.

What if I go over my Deployment Plan limit?

If you go over your credit allowance, we'll simply sell you more credits at a slightly higher rate. The extra charge is 13 cents per credit.

Are There Larger Deployment Plans?

Absolutely. If you need a larger plan, simply call us and we can work out a custom solution. Also, if you simply need multiple users, you should look at our plans for organizations.

What if I already have an account for ArcGIS Online?

If you have an ArcGIS Online account, simply sign in with the same credentials to download our APIs and get access to developer samples and documentation.