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Maps App is an open source app project, built with ArcGIS Runtime SDK and ArcGIS API for Javascript, designed to be a mobile mapping solution that is already familiar to your users. The app provides a user experience popular in consumer mapping apps and includes common capabilities such as search and routing, as well as some unique to ArcGIS.

You can git clone, configure, and immediately start developing with this app to easily build your own consumer-grade, GIS-focused mobile mapping app.


Search for places

The app comes with custom UIs to search for places and see suggestions using the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service. Your users can type a search query to see a refreshed list of suggested results nearby to their location. Tapping on a result geocodes that result into a place and marks that place on the map. They can also generate a route and get directions to that place.

Find addresses

Enable your users to find the most appropriate address for any point on the map. They can select and hold a point on the map to reverse geocode it into an address using the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service. Your users can also generate a route and get directions to that address.

Generate routes and get directions

Tapping a button generates routes between predefined origins and a destinations. The app uses the routing service to generate a route and comes with custom map-centric UI components for displaying step-by-step directions to your users.

Switch basemaps

The app comes with a default gallery that allows changing the map's current basemap by selecting from a variety of standard Esri basemaps. Users who are logged into a portal can contextualize what they see around them by switching to a basemap from their organization's custom basemap gallery.

Present a map-centric design

Maps App is designed to allow your users to understand and interact with what's in the world around them. To accomplish this, it places the map at the forefront of the app's design and comes with a series of custom UIs that create a user experience that is common and familiar among mobile mapping apps.

Make this app yours

You can prepare the app for your users with very little configuration.

Get started

From your developer dashboard

  1. Register your app, which creates a unique client ID, on your developer dashboard.

In your local environment

  1. Download the app source code and SDK for the platform of your choice.
  2. Configure the app source code with the registered app client ID.

Consuming credits

The app leverages the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service and the routing service, which consume credits. Ensure your users can consume credits with an authorized user login or by using a proxy.

Read the documentation

The Maps App source code repositories maintain comprehensive documentation. Consult the documentation to learn about app architecture, interface, configuration, ArcGIS development patterns, and licenses. See the docs/ file in the app repository for more information.