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Offline Mapbook is an open source app project, built with ArcGIS Runtime SDK, that gives users the ability to load mobile map packages to a tablet and access their maps while in the field. With Offline Mapbook, users can create mobile map packages using ArcGIS Pro and then download or side-load them to a tablet whenever they anticipate future work in a disconnected environment.

You can git clone, configure, and immediately start developing with this app to allow your users access to multiple maps while offline.

Demo dataset

By default, the app is pre-configured to connect to ArcGIS Online and search for mobile map packages (.mmpk) using the query "Offline mapbook". This search returns a mobile map package hosted by the Runtime organization to demonstrate capabilities of the app.

You can make this app your own by configuring it to use your portal and custom search query or remove the default search query altogether.


Access mobile map packages offline

The app is designed for field workers who need access to their maps in areas where they don't have a network connection.

Field workers can download maps before leaving for work sites without a network connection. When they return to the office or areas with connectivity, they can download any .mmpk files that have been updated since they last checked.

Browse a portal

Custom UIs allow users to browse for items in their portal. They can enter a portal URL and browse for mobile map packages matching a portal search query of their choosing.

Search and suggest

A custom search UI lets your users access and search the contents of locators packaged with their mobile map package.

When viewing their maps, users can search against their packaged locator by typing a query in the search field to see matching suggestions. Selecting a result from the list will locate it on the map.

Display feature callouts

The app supports tapping the map to display its contents. Users can select a feature on the map to view the details of that feature. Feature attribute information is displayed in a callout that moves with the feature as the map's viewpoint changes.

Interact with maps dynamically

User interactions with the map drive how users view mobile map packages. For example, the map contains custom UI tools, such as a legend, table of contents, and bookmarks selector, to provide a dynamic mapping experience for your users.

Make this app yours

The supplied datasets are for demonstration purposes. To customize this app, upload and access your own mobile map packages.

Get started

In ArcGIS Pro

  1. Create your own mobile map package.
  2. (Optionally) create and package a locator with your mobile map package.
  3. Upload your mobile map package to your portal.

From your developer dashboard

  1. Register your app, which creates a unique client ID, on your developer dashboard.

In your local environment

  1. Download the app source code and SDK for the platform of your choice.
  2. Configure the app source code with the registered app client ID and your mobile map package.

Read the documentation

The Offline Mapbook app source code repositories maintain comprehensive documentation. Consult the documentation to learn about app architecture, interface, configuration, ArcGIS development patterns, and licenses. See the docs/ file in the app repository for more information.