ArcGIS Survey123

What is Survey123?

ArcGIS Survey123 is a simple and intuitive form-centric data gathering solution. Create, share, and analyze surveys in just three easy steps. Use it to create smart forms with skip logic, defaults, and support for multiple languages. Collect data via web or mobile devices, even when disconnected from the Internet. Analyze results quickly, and upload data securely for further analysis. Use the developer edition to customize your templates and extend the functionality for your needs.

How it works

  • Capture data anytime, anywhere: The ArcGIS Survey123 app works on smart devices, laptops, or desktops as a native app and in the browser. No environment limitations; requires minimal training. You can stay productive even when offline.
  • Smart surveys: Design surveys that enable rapid collection with predefined questions that use logic and provide easy-to-fill answers, embedded audio and images, and multiple languages.
  • Built on ArcGIS: Data captured in ArcGIS Survey123 is immediately available in the ArcGIS platform. Optimize your field operations, understand your data, and communicate your work.
  • Flexible for varied scenarios: When a project must start quickly, create a survey to rapidly start collecting data. When managing multiple teams in different locations, use standardized forms to keep everyone working in unison.
  • Quick to use: Use either the Survey123 website or Survey123 Connect desktop app to create robust surveys; both apps publish surveys, ranging from simple to complex, into ArcGIS.
  • Real-time analysis improves decision making: You can analyze answers in real-time to support decision-making and view summary analysis right in the app. Deeper analysis of Survey123 data is available in ArcGIS.

Next steps

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