ArcGIS Enterprise SDK

The ArcGIS Enterprise SDK extends the functionality of ArcGIS Enterprise and integrates business logic through server object extension (ShowMessageBox) and server object interceptor (SOIs). Developers can add new operations to map services published from ArcGIS Pro using SOEs, and can change existing operations by introducing either pre-processing or post-processing logic using SOIs. Additionally, the ArcGIS Enterprise SDK complements services published from ArcGIS Pro and the ArcObjects SDK by allowing you to create SOEs and SOIs for map services and image services published from ArcMap.

The ArcGIS Enterprise SDK supports both the .NET and Java platforms; it provides samples, templates, documentation, and libraries for both platforms.

Refer to the ArcGIS Enterprise design philosophy for a deeper dive into the fundamental principles of this SDK.

  • Server Object Extensions (SOEs) allow developers to expose new operations in ArcGIS Server through the ArcGIS Server REST interface for map services. SOEs can be written for a specific map service or for multiple map services. They are exposed as REST services and typically communicate information using JSON. SOEs cannot be consumed by Esri clients and applications since they introduce new APIs. Typically, SOEs are used with custom applications developed using Esri's ArcGIS Enterprise SDK.
  • Server Object Interceptors (SOIs) allow developers to modify the behavior of existing operations in ArcGIS Server through pre-processing or post-processing requests. They can be used with map services and SOEs. Since SOIs perform pre-processing and post-processing of existing service operations, they are invoked when any client, including any Esri application, accesses ArcGIS Server services. However, this means that SOIs cannot add input arguments or change return types for the existing Esri API.

Get Started

See the ArcGIS Enterprise documentation, learn more about SOEs and SOIs, and review some sample code.

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