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Common Data Types

Statistics object


This topic discusses the statistics object used by the REST API.

A statistics object consists of a dictionary of name-value pairs.

This is supported at ArcGIS 10.6 and later.

JSON syntax

  "min": <min>, //double, minimum value
  "max": <max>, //double, maximum value
  "mean": <mean>, //double, mean value
  "standardDeviation" : <standardDeviation> //double, standard deviation value
  "count": <count>, //integer(64bit), counts of pixels
  "median": <median>, //double, median value
  "mode": <mode> //double, mode value

JSON example

  "min": 0,
  "max": 23.064547000000001,
  "mean": 4.547517,
  "standardDeviation": 2.6870280000000002,
  "count": 10000,
  "median": 5,
  "mode": 6