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Getting started

In order to develop applications with ArcGIS APIs and SDKs, you need to join ArcGIS for Developers or have an ArcGIS Online account. Sign in to download the API or SDK of your choice and begin developing. Before deploying your app in production, ensure that your application meets the production licensing requirements and license your application accordingly.

If you are extending the ArcGIS platform, you can upgrade your free ArcGIS Developer subscription to gain access to Desktop and Server software (Professional plan or higher). When you are ready to deploy your application, a production license is required.

Production licensing requirements

Different applications have different licensing requirements based on the content and services they use, the API or SDK they were developed with, and if the app is used to generate revenue via sales, ads, or in-app purchases. Be sure to review the terms of use and the FAQ for more details.

Licensing the use of ArcGIS Online

If your app uses data and services from ArcGIS Online and does not generate any revenue, you do not need to take any additional steps to license it for production. However, if your application uses all of your available credits, either enable pay as you go pricing or purchase additional credits for your ArcGIS Online subscription.

If your application generates revenue via sales, ads, or in-app purchases, you will need to purchase an ArcGIS Developer subscription or ArcGIS Online subscription and maintain the subscription as long as your app generates revenue. You must also pay for any credit usage that your app incurs.

ArcGIS Runtime apps

In addition to the requirements for revenue and non-revenue generating apps listed above, apps built with an ArcGIS Runtime SDK must also be licensed at one of four levels - Lite, Basic, Standard, or Advanced - depending on the functionality used. The ArcGIS Runtime documentation has more details on license levels and information on how to obtain your free Lite license key.

Extensions and plugins

If you are developing an extension or plugin to an ArcGIS product, such as to ArcGIS Pro, you do not have to take any additional steps to license your extension. However users of your plugin or extension will need a commercial license in order to use your plugin or extension.

Licensing Esri data

If you use data provided by Esri in any production application you must comply with all the licensing requirements of that particular dataset. The license can be viewed in the "Access and Use Constraints" section in ArcGIS Online page for the item. You can find item page by searching for the item ID or URL you are using in your application. Most data is licensed by the Esri Master License Agreement.

When using Esri basemaps in your application you also must add attribution to Esri. Most of the ArcGIS APIs and SDKs will automatically do this. Refer to attribution in your app for more details.

Licensing 3rd party data

Many organizations host their own data in ArcGIS Online and make it available through ArcGIS Hub or the Living Atlas. Before using this data in production you should also ensure you comply with any licensing requirements associated with data you are using. Licenses can differ from organization to organization. To determine the license of an item or service search for the ID or URL in ArcGIS Online. There will be an "Access and Use Constraints" section with the license.

ArcGIS Hub and ArcGIS Open Data also display licensing requirements on the dataset page under the title of the dataset.