Mapping APIs and location services

ArcGIS location services are a complete set of services for building mapping and spatial analysis applications. You can access the services with different APIs to display maps, style layers, search for places, geocode addresses, find routes, or perform advanced operations such as data enrichment or spatial analysis. You can also access your own data in the cloud with hosted data services.

Where to start

  1. Learn what you can do with location services.

  2. Explore mapping APIs, location services, and data management tools.

  3. Find code in the tutorials.

Get started
Spending within a service area


Learn how to perform tasks with mapping APIs and location services.


Display 2D maps and 3D scenes using the basemap styles service and data services.

Data hosting

Store, manage, and access your data as feature services, vector tile services, or image tile services.


Style and visualize data in 2D or 3D from different services.


Find and get details about businesses, places, and other POI.


Search for addresses, businesses, and places with the geocoding service.


Find routes and directions and solve complex problems with the routing service.

Data enrichment

Discover local facts, business information, and demographic data with the GeoEnrichment service.

Spatial analysis

Find relationships, patterns, and trends in geographic data with the spatial analysis service.

Content management

Store, manage, and access private and public content with the portal service.


Display, analyze, and edit data while disconnected.

Security and authentication

Access services and content using API keys and OAuth 2.0.


Learn about accounts, attribution, and distribution.


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