Store, manage, and access your data

To host data in the cloud for your applications, you can use ArcGIS Platform data services. The services allow you to store, manage, and access private (currently in beta) and public data. You can use tools such as the developer dashboard to import existing data, create new datasets, or publish data to new formats. All data is managed and accessed as a hosted layer and each layer is powered by a data service. Once hosted, you can easily access data services with applications.

Learn more in the topics below.

Data layers displaying bike parking and bike route data stored as hosted layers


Get started

Learn about data hosting and how to host your data as hosted layers.

Data publishing

Learn how to import, create, and convert data to hosted layers.

Data managemnent

Learn how to set properties, capabilities, and sharing permissions for your data.

Hosted feature layers

Learn how to access, query, and display data from feature services.

Hosted vector tile layers

Learn how to access and display data from vector tile services.

Hosted image tile layers

Learn how to access and display data from image tile services.




Feature service

Add, update, delete, and query feature data.

Vector tile service

Store and access vector tile data.

Image tile service

Store and access image tile data.

API support

Import and create dataManage data accessManage data propertiesDisplay dataQuery dataEdit data
Developer dashboard12
ArcGIS Online
Map Viewer345
Scene Viewer67
ArcGIS Pro (desktop)
Full supportPartial supportNo support
  • 1. Layers only.
  • 2. Layers and services only.
  • 3. Create layers.
  • 4. Web maps only.
  • 5. Web maps and layers only.
  • 6. Web scenes only.
  • 7. Web scenes and layers only.
Full supportPartial supportNo support
  • 1. Access via ArcGIS REST JS.
  • 2. Access portal via HTTP request and authentication.


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