Publish map tile services

Creating and publishing map tile services is the process of using data management tools to create a new map tile service from existing feature data. Map tile services can be created from an existing hosted feature layer in or by uploading a map tile package file (.tpkx) created with ArcGIS Pro.

How to create map tile services with

You can use to create a map tile service when you have an existing hosted feature layer. The resulting map tile service maintains a relationship with the source feature layer, and will be updated automatically as the source features are updated. You can also manage the scales at which tiles are created and the visible scale range.

Use this technique when you want to:

  • Publish tiles from an single hosted feature layer.
  • Synchronize tiles with source feature layer.
  • Manage tile scales.
  • Manage visible range.
  • Rebuild tiles on demand.
  • When you don't need to control tile format.

The general steps to publish a map tile layer in are:

  1. Go to or your ArcGIS Enterprise portal.
  2. Click > Content, click an existing feature layer, and then click Publish > Tile layer.

How to create map tile services with ArcGIS Pro

You can use ArcGIS Pro to create a map tile package locally and then publish to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise as a map tile service.

Use this technique when you want to:

  • Take advantage of your local infrastructure.
  • Create tile services containing multiple layers.
  • Manage the tile format (PNG 8 bit, PNG 24 bit, PNG 32 bit, JPEG).
  • Generate tiles from features that use complex symbology.
  • Manually synchronize and republish map tiles with local source data.

The general steps to publish a map tile service in ArcGIS Pro are:

  1. Add one or more layers to a map in ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Run the Create Map Tile Package geoprocessing tool to generate a map tile package file (.tpk/.tpkx)
  3. Upload the generated map tile package file to

When you use these tools, the following are created:

  1. Hosted layer (item): A new hosted map tile layer to manage the service.
  2. Data service: A map tile service to access the tile data.
Data hosting
The Process to manage data services with ArcGIS Online and the developer dashboard.

Tools, data, and services

Below is a list of the tools, input data source, and the hosted layer created.

ToolInput Data SourceOutput Item typeOutput Layer and Data ServiceUse Case, ArcGIS Enterprise portalFeature layer (hosted)Tile layer (Map tiles) (hosted)Map tile service (Map Service)Data acces, Display static tiles
ArcGIS.comFeature layer (hosted)Tile layer (Vector tiles) (hosted)Vector tile serviceData access, Display vector tile data
ArcGIS Pro,, ArcGIS Enterprise portalMap Tile Package (.tpk/.tpkx)Tile layer (Map tiles) (hosted)Map tile service (Map Service)Data access, Display static tiles
ArcGIS Pro,, ArcGIS Enterprise portalVector Tile Package (.vtpk)Tile layer (Vector tiles) (hosted)Vector tile serviceData access, Display vector data




API support

Use Client APIs to create, manage, and access data services. The table below outlines the level of support for each API.

ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript1
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Kotlin1
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift1
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java1
ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET1
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt1
ArcGIS API for Python
Esri Leaflet2
MapLibre GL JS23
Full supportPartial supportNo support
  • 1. Use portal class and direct REST API requests
  • 2. Access via ArcGIS REST JS
  • 3. Requires manually setting styles for renderers


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