Analysis Variable Finder

What are analysis variables?

In order to perform a GeoEnrichment operation, you need to specify the analysis variables you would like to query.

An analysis variable is an input data field name that defines what data to query and return from the GeoEnrichment service. Analysis variables are used to discover facts and information about the people and places in an area.

There are thousands of analysis variables to choose from. Some examples are total population, net worth, median age and average household income.

Analysis Variable Finder

This application is a tool you can use to search for analysis variables. You can search for variables by country, groups, or by searching for a specific keyword.

Use this tool to select variables and then copy the JSON to use in an enrich request.

How to use analysis variables

Use the Analysis Variable Finder to find analysis variables that you can use with the GeoEnrichment service.

  1. Go to the tool above.
  2. Find variables by specifying the country, category, or a keyword.
  3. Add one or more variables to your cart.
  4. Click Copy (JSON) to copy them to the clipboard.
  5. Use the array of variable values in the analysisVariables parameter when executing an enrich request to the GeoEnrichment service.

Global analysis variables

Here is a list of the key variables you can use to discover demographic and other data around the world from the key global facts data collection.

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