Data Collection Finder

What are data collections?

The GeoEnrichment service uses data collections to provide a convenient pre-defined list of analysis variables grouped into categories. These collections can be used as input to perform different types of analysis.

Each data collection has a unique name that acts as an ID that is passed in the datacollections parameter of the enrich method. Some data collections (such as the default Key Global Facts) can be used in all supported countries and regions. Other data collections may only be available in a subset of countries or regions because of differences in the demographic data that is available.

Data Collection Finder

The Data Collection Finder application is a tool you can use to find data collection names and sets of analysis variables.

Use this tool to select a country, hierarchy, and data collection to use in a request.

How to use data collections

You can use the data collections to find lists of analysis variables to return from the GeoEnrichment service.

  1. Go to the Data Collection Finder application above.
  2. Select a country or region.
  3. Choose a data collection and preview the list of analysis variables.
  4. Use the name returned in the example request as the data collection (datacollections) parameter when executing an enrich request to the GeoEnrichment service.


To return a list of variables in the "businesses" data collection for a 1-mile radius around San Francisco, set the datacollections parameter to ["businesses"] and the token to your access token.

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