License your app

Each development platform has specific licensing requirements that vary based on the content and services they use as well as the API or SDK you use to develop them. Your job as a developer is to ensure that you have reviewed Esri's Legal agreements, licensing, and export documents and that your applications correctly adhere to all licensing requirements. See the Licensing FAQ for commonly asked questions about how to license your application.

ArcGIS API for JavaScript

If your app was written with ArcGIS API for JavaScript, it is fully licensed when using one of the following:

  • API keys are a permanent token that grants your application access to ready-to-use services and, with an ArcGIS Developer account, private content.
  • ArcGIS identity is a temporary token that grants your application access to private content and services authorized to an existing ArcGIS user's account. If you or your organization purchased an ArcGIS Online subscription, you do not need to take additional steps to license your app for production. However, once all of your available prepaid credits have been used, you must either purchase additional credits for your subscription, or use an API key to access ready-to-use services for your application.
  • Application credentials are a temporary token generated via OAuth 2.0 that authorizes your application access to ready-to-use services.

ArcGIS Runtime apps

Applications built with ArcGIS Runtime require additional licensing with a license string. The type of license string required depends on the functionality used by your app:

  • Lite apps that display maps and data with search and route capabilities. A free ArcGIS Runtime Lite license string is available with any ArcGIS developer subscription.
  • Basic apps that allow users to create and edit data in ArcGIS.
  • Standard apps using local data files or the Esri file geodatabase format.
  • Advanced apps working directly with ArcGIS Enterprise geodatabases.

ArcGIS Runtime documentation contains more details about license levels and information regarding how to obtain the license string required by your app, including your free Lite license string.

Open Source applications

Applications built with Open source applications are licensed if you develop using your ArcGIS Developer subscription, but you must also adhere to the legal requirements of the product in which you develop your application. You cannot use an ArcGIS Online subscription with Open Source apps.

App templates and builders

All ArcGIS app templates and builders come with licensing built-in through access to the technology. You must maintain your ArcGIS Online Organization or ArcGIS Developer subscription with a Builder plan or higher.

Extensions and plugins

If you are developing an extension or plugin to an ArcGIS product, such as ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Enterprise, you do not have to take any additional steps to license your extension. However, users of your plugin or extension could require a commercial license in order to use your plugin or extension.

For more information, visit the product documentation in ArcGIS add-ins and automation.

ArcGIS Marketplace

Products listed on ArcGIS Marketplace are built to enhance your organization's use of ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Platform. Any user in your ArcGIS Online organization can use your shared products from ArcGIS Marketplace. For information about licensing, visit the ArcGIS Marketplace topic Use and share your purchases.

Special considerations

There are special use cases called out in our Terms of use that might require special handling. Contact your Esri account representative to discuss specific licensing arrangements, such as:

  • Real-time navigational guidance
  • Synchronized multi-vehicle routing
  • Synchronized route optimization
  • Asset or fleet management
  • Control of autonomous vehicles

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