Display maps, scenes, and layers

Maps, scenes, and layers are the foundation for all visual mapping applications. Maps are used to build 2D applications and scenes are used to build 3D applications. Maps and scenes both use layers to display different types of geographic data. The data is typically provided from the basemap layer service and data services.

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Map and scene used to display satellite imagery and hurricane data in 2D and 3D


Maps (2D)

Learn how to display layers in 2D.

Scenes (3D)

Learn how to display layers in 3D.

Basemap layers

Learn how to display basemap layers from the basemap layer service.

Data layers

Learn how to display data from data services and files.


Learn how to display visual elements on a map or scene.




Basemap layer service

Access streets, satellite, and other basemap styles for maps and scenes.

Feature service

Add, update, delete, and query feature data.

Vector tile service

Store and access vector tile data.

Image tile service

Store and access image tile data.

API support

Full supportPartial supportNo support
  • 1. Access via HTTP request and authentication.
  • 2. Access via Feature layer or Image tile layer.
  • 3. Access via layers.


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