Add a redirect URI

After you register your application on the ArcGIS Developer dashboard, you can add a redirect URI to that application. This is the redirect URL to which a user is sent once they complete sign in authorization.

To add a redirect URI to an existing application:

  1. From the ArcGIS Developer dashboard, OAuth 2.0 tab, select an application and click View Full Credentials.

  2. Scroll down to the Redirect URLs tile.

  3. Click + Add URI and enter the address in the format ["https://<server>[:port]"] or http://my-arcgis-app:/auth. This is a valid web page or server endpoint to which a user can be redirected after successful sign in.

    Add new URI
  4. Click Add URI.

  5. The redirect URL will be listed on the Redirect URLs tile.

    Redirect URL
  6. To remove a redirect URL, click Ø next to the URL. You will be asked to confirm your deletion.

  7. To edit a redirect URL, click the pencil icon and then update the address / endpoint. Click Edit URI to save your changes.

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