ArcGIS Developer

Customizing Esri's Basemaps

Note: You can't edit Esri's basemaps directly. You may have to first make a copy of the Esri vector tile layer, and then stylize the copy.

ArcGIS Online

Choose one of the pre-installed basemap in ArcGIS Online, like Vector Topographic, or choose any of the basemaps in the Living Atlas.

Then make a copy of the map, and open the copy in the map viewer in ArcGIS Online.

Hover over the basemap, and then click the Change Style button to open VTSE:

ArcGIS Developer

If you want to upload a layer to edit, login to your ArcGIS Developer account (or get a free ArcGIS Developer subscription).

Go to your ArcGIS Developer dashboard, scroll down, and you'll see options to create a new basemap layer:

If you click Create New Basemap Style, you'll be taken to:

On the starting screen, click Get Started. You'll then see a basemap selection screen. In the top row, select the category All Esri Basemps. Now, click on any basemap:

Click Select Style when you've made a choice, and that's it.

The VTSE will then open, and you can begin to style any of Esri's basemaps!