Customizing Esri's Vector Basemaps

ArcGIS Online

Choose one of the pre-installed basemaps in ArcGIS Online, such as Vector Topographic, or choose any of the basemaps in the Living Atlas.

Then make a copy of the map, and open the copy in the map viewer in ArcGIS Online.

Hover over the basemap, and then click the Change Style button to open VTSE:

VTSE change style button screenshot

ArcGIS Developer

To create your own custom vector basemap, login to your ArcGIS Developer account (or sign up for a free ArcGIS Developer account).

If it is your first time, review the documentation at ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor in the Tools section of the Developer Guide. Open the style editor at

If you have a prior saved vector basemap or feature layer, you can go to the Layers section of your dashboard, select the vector layer from the list, and click .

On the starting screen, click Get Started. You'll then see a basemap selection screen. In the top row, select the category All Esri Basemaps.

VTSE screenshot

Select one of Esri's vector basemap layers from the available choices, and then click Select Style. The VTSE will open with your selection loaded. Use this process to style any of Esri's basemaps.

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