Group Editor

Group Editor supports applying the same style properties to a group of layers and sub-layers. In the Layer Editor () click on vector style layer which is a parent of other layers to open the Group Editor.

Group Editor intro

For example, the Populated Places group layer has been selected in the above screenshot.

Using the Group Editor

Search layers group search layers Search for layer groups by query.
Layer actions layer actions Open layer actions menu to manage the layer.
Layer order layer order Change the drawing order of the selected layer. Found in the Layer Actions menu.
Manage layer manage layer Delete or duplicate the selected layer. Found in the Layer Actions menu.
Sort layers group sort layers Sort layers by: Category (left icon) or Drawing order (right icon).
Drag-and-Drop layer drag and drop layer When sorting by Drawing order, layers can be rearranged by click-holding and dragging a layer up or down.
Group layer colors and visibility group info Group information widget display: the group name, the number of layers in this group, the colors for each sub-group, and the visibility for the group.
Group choose color group choose color Choose the base color for the entire group.
Label colors quick label picker Leave the text font and halo colors for basemap labels as their default values, or click Pick Label Color to edit the font (Label Text) and halo (Label Halo) color values:
quick pick own label colors
Label contrast quick color contrast Change the font color contrast relative the background: Low, Medium, High, Maximum

Note: the Medium and High options correspond to the AA and AAA use contrasts, respectively.
Font quick font picker

Replace all fonts with one of the available fonts.

Label size quick label size Change the label size to be Smaller or Larger based on their current size.

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