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Layer Editor

Edit the appearance, patterns, visibility of layers at various zoom levels.

layer editor screenshot

Using the layer editor

Note: Not all interfaces are available for every vector tile layer style. Different layer styles have different JSON properties, see editing JSON for more details.

Interface Image Description
Layer info and visibility The visibility and zoom level for the selected layer. To change the visibility of a layer click and drag the Visible Zoom Range widget.
Layer appearance for different zoom levels Change the color of a layer style at different zoom level cut-off points. Click Add stop to add a new color cut-off point.
Layer outline color Outline color of the selected layer.
Layer patterns Toggle patterns for the layer:
Layer opacity Change the opacity of the selected layer.
Layer position Change the pixel offset of labels for the selected layer.
Icon Appearance Choose a icon for the layer style:
Icon Position Customize icon positioning with these options:
  • Icon Anchor: a 3x3 grid used to specify icon placement relative to the center placement
  • Icon Translate: the offset placement from the icon's original position, in pixels
  • Overlap: radio button to allow icons to overlap
  • Collision Visibility: a radio button to allow other icons to be visible even if they intersect with this icon
Text Halo Properties Choose the halo color, width, and blur for layer style labels.
Symbol Position

Place the label and symbol at the center point of the layer (e.g. the middle of a polygon), or, if Line is chosen, a line parallel to the center line placing an icon at the interval determined by Spacing:

Text Layout

This interface presents basemap authors with a number of options to customize label text for a vector style layer:

  • Text Transform:
    • None: keep current casing
    • Uppercase: make label text upper case
    • Lowercase: make label text lower case
  • Max Width: the max width of a character
  • Line Height: the height of each line
  • Padding: padding around label text
  • Letter Spacing: change the spacing between characters
  • Text Justification: Left, Center, Right
  • Text Anchor: change the relative position of the label relative to a 3x3 grid
  • Translate: the offset of the text from its original position, in pixels
  • Overlap: click the radio button to allow text overlap