ArcGIS Developers

Map View

The map view displays vector tiles with the currently selected styles. You can click on the map view to select vector tile styles.

Map viewer screenshot

Click on the map to edit layer styles

Click anywhere on the map view to open a layer editor () to change the style of the selected layer.


The minimaps show different locations around the world at varying zoom levels. You can change the locations for each minimap by clicking the magnifier icon in its zoom level widget or by using the search widget.

Using the map view

The following is a description of main user interactions for working with the map view.

Interface Image Description
Zoom level The + and - symbols control zooming in and out. The number below these symbols indicate the current zoom level of the map.

For example, the zoom level in the map viewer at the top of the page is 1.
Search Type in an address or place of interest to center the map at that location.
Close Close VTSE. If you're using VTSE in ArcGIS Online, you'll return back to the map viewer.
Background layer Select a background layer:
- No Background: No background layer
- Hillshade: Add hillshade
- Imagery: Add imagery

Note: to make imagery or hillshade visible, you will need to either change the opacity of a layer or turn of the visibility of layers. See the imagery example below.

How to display background imagery

In this example, the group of Land layer styles has been switched to not visible and the background layer is satellite imagery. Wherever on the map a Land vector tile would normally be displayed, a satellite imagery tile is displayed instead.

Note: The visibility of layers may vary with zoom level.