ITracer3 Interface

Provides access to a network tracer.


Name Description
Method AddTraceLocation Adds a trace location.
Method AddTraceLocationForEdgeFeatures Adds trace location for edge features.
Method AddTraceLocationForJunctionFeatures Adds trace location for junction features.
Method AddTraceLocations Adds trace locations.
Method AddTraceLocationsFromGeometries Add the given geometries as trace locations.
Method DeleteTraceLocations Deletes all trace locations.
Method Initialize Initializes the tracer.
Read/write property ResultTypes Returns the result types.
Method Trace Execute the given trace.
Read/write property TraceConfiguration Returns trace configuration.
Read/write property TraceConfigurationGlobalID Returns trace configuration global ID.
Method TraceEx Execute the given trace.
Read-only property TraceLocations Returns trace locations.

ITracer3.TraceEx Method

Execute the given trace.

Public Sub TraceEx ( _
    ByVal traceType As esriUtilityNetworkTraceType, _
    ByVal asynchronous As Boolean, _
    ByRef junctionEIDs As Int64[]&, _
    ByRef edgeEIDs As Int64[]& _
public void TraceEx (
    esriUtilityNetworkTraceType traceType,
    bool asynchronous,
    ref Int64[]& junctionEIDs,
    ref Int64[]& edgeEIDs

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
ITracer2 Provides access to a network tracer 2.
ITracer Provides access to a network tracer.

Classes that implement ITracer3

Classes Description

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