IWMSConnectionName Interface

Provides access to members that supply WMS server connection name information.


Name Description
Read/write property ConnectionProperties Connection properties that will be used to connect to the WMS server.
Method OpenEx Opens the WMS Connection.

IWMSConnectionName.ConnectionProperties Property

Connection properties that will be used to connect to the WMS server.

Public Property ConnectionProperties As IPropertySet
public IPropertySet ConnectionProperties {get; set;}


ConnectionProperties is named value pairs relating to WMS service connection. This is where you would set the WMS server URL.Relevant names include �URL�, which is the minimum required, and three optional names: "VERSION', which specifies the WMS version, and two names,�USER� and �PASSWORD� that can be used when connecting to a WMS service over HTTPS.

IWMSConnectionName.OpenEx Method

Opens the WMS Connection.

Public Function OpenEx ( _
    ByVal pTrackCancel As ITrackCancel _
) As Object
public object OpenEx (
    ITrackCancel pTrackCancel


OpenEx returns a WMSConnection.

Classes that implement IWMSConnectionName

Classes Description
WMSConnectionName The WMS Connection name.


IWMSConnectionName provides a property (ConnectionProperties) to hold server connection properties and a method (OpenEx) that returns the connection once these properties have been set.

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