The ServerObjectConfigurationInfo object which provides information about server object configurations to users without administrative privileges to the GIS server.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Solaris, Linux


Interfaces Description
IServerObjectConfigurationInfo Provides access to properties of a server object configuration.
IServerObjectConfigurationInfo2 Provides access to the properties of a server object configuration with extensions.


The ArcGIS server manages a set of server objects running across one or more host (container) machines. How those server objects are configured and run is defined by a set of ServerObjectConfigurations. ServerObjectConfigurations can be added, removed and modified by users or developers who are members of the agsadmin users group, and therfore have administrator priviliges on the ArcGIS server.

Users and developers who are not administrators also need access to the list of ServerObjectConfigurationsand the set of their properties that are necessary for programming applications with them. Users that are members of the agsusers user group, but are not members of the agsadmin user group, can get information about server object configurations via the ServerObjectConfigurationInfo object.

The ServerObjectConfigurationInfo object provides read-only access to a subset of the server object configuration's properties. These properties include:

Name: the name of the server object configuration

TypeName: the type of server object configuration (for example MapServer, GeocodeServer)

Description: the description of the server object configuration

IsPooled: inidicates whether the server objects described by this configuration are pooled or non-pooled

Extensions: a list of the server object extensions enabled for the configuration

The properties listed above are those necessary for developers of server applications to make use of the various server objects configured on the GIS server.

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