wcsErrors Constants

WCS Error Codes.

Constant Value Description
WCSCONN_​E_​ACCESS_​DENIED -2147220479 Server denied the access to the requested service.
WCSCONN_​E_​PROXY_​AUTHENTICATION_​FAILED -2147220478 Proxy authentication required.
WCSCONN_​E_​UNABLE_​TO_​CONNECT -2147220477 Unable to connect to the server.
WCSCONN_​E_​MISSING_​URL -2147220476 URL is missing.
WCSCONN_​E_​MISSING_​SERVICENAME -2147220475 Service name is missing.
WCSCONN_​E_​INCORRECT_​URL -2147220474 Incorrect URL.
WCSCONN_​E_​SERVER_​NOT_​AVAILABLE -2147220473 Server not available.

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