Understand ArcGIS Enterprise SDK

ArcGIS Enterprise SDK allows developers to extend ArcGIS Enterprise functionalities via server object extensions (SOEs) and server object interceptors (SOIs). It currently supports traditional map services published from ArcGIS Pro. You can go through this Guide section to gain a better understanding of SOEs and SOIs. In addition, you can refer to Sample Code section to explore some typical SOE/SOI use cases.

If you would like to apply an SOE/SOI to the map services published from ArcMap, you must develop an ArcObjects SOE/SOI. ArcObjects SOE/SOI can't be applied to services published from ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise SDK SOE/SOI can't be applied to services published from ArcMap.

ArcGIS Enterprise SDK contains both .NET and Java APIs. They have similar classes, interfaces, and methods, and they can achieve similar functionalities. For more information, refer to API Reference. You can choose the one to use based on your development/production environment requirements or your organization's preference.


The ArcGIS Enterprise SDK is included with your license for the ArcGIS Enterprise product. There is no separate purchase or authorization mechanism specifically for the ArcGIS Enterprise SDK. However, as SOEs and SOIs must be deployed via ArcGIS Server, you must have a licensed ArcGIS Server to deploy or test the SOE/SOI.

Before you install the SDK, check System Requirements to make sure you install the following software or components at the supported versions:

Install ArcGIS Enterprise SDK

To download ArcGIS Enterprise SDK, there are two ways:

  • Download at My Esri.

    1. Log in to website.
    2. Find ArcGIS Enterprise under Downloads tab.
    3. Click the View Downloads button.
    4. Find ArcGIS Enterprise SDK under Developer Tools section and click Download.
  • Download at ArcGIS for Developers.

    1. Sign up for ArcGIS for Developers for free.
    2. Click the Download APIs & SDKs button.
    3. Find ArcGIS Enterprise SDK and click the Download button.

Then, you can install ArcGIS Enterprise SDK on your development environment. More details about SDK installation can be found for .NET and Java.

Get started with a simple SOE or SOI.

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