Extends L.ImageOverlay

A generic class representing an image layer. This class can be extended to provide support for making export requests from ArcGIS REST services.


fString'image'Server response content type "json" | "image".
opacityNumber1Opacity of the layer. Should be a value between 0 and 1.
paneStringoverlayPaneThe map pane to render on. This is the preferred technique to control draw order in Leaflet 1.x.
zIndexNumberUsed to refine draw order further (within a map pane).
positionString'front'Legacy option to control draw order. For best results, use pane.
maxZoomNumberClosest zoom level the layer will be displayed on the map.
minZoomNumberFurthest zoom level the layer will be displayed on the map.
toDateUsed to filter what is drawn from the service based on a time range.
fromDateUsed to filter what is drawn from the service based on a time range.


bringToBack()thisRedraws this layer below all other overlay layers.
bringToFront()thisRedraws this layer above all other overlay layers.
getOpacity()FloatReturns the current opacity of the layer.
setOpacity(<Float> opacity)thisSets the opacity of the layer.
getTimeRange()ArrayReturns the current time range being used for rendering.
setTimeRange(<Date> from, <Date> to)thisRedraws the layer with he passed time range.
metadata(<Function> callback, <Object> context)thisRequests metadata about this Feature Layer. Callback will be called with `error` and `metadata`.
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featureLayer.metadata(function(error, metadata){
authenticate(<String> token)thisAuthenticates this service with a new token and runs any pending requests that required a token.
redraw()Used to make a fresh request to the service and draw the response.


loading<LoadingEvent>Fires when new features start loading.
load<LoadEvent>Fires when all features in the current bounds of the map have loaded.
error<Event>Fires when an image fails to load and ensures that the offending ImageOverlay is removed by the API.

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