The FieldSelector component props.


dropdownProps: SelectProps

Dropdown props, if useDropdown is true.

getDefaultField optional

getDefaultField: function

The function will be called once the component is mounted or when data sources are changed, one field will be passed to it.

Type declaration
    (fieldImmutableObject<FieldSchema> | object): void
    • fieldImmutableObject<FieldSchema> | object

hiddenFields optional

hiddenFields: ImmutableArray<string> | ImmutableObject<object>

Fields which should be hidden, use object when selected fields are from multiple data sources.

isDataSourceDropDownHidden optional

isDataSourceDropDownHidden: boolean

Whether or not to hide the data source dropdown, the dropdown is used to change the data source when multiple data sources are passed.

isMultiple optional

isMultiple: boolean

Whether or not to support multiple selection.

isSearchInputHidden optional

isSearchInputHidden: boolean

Whether or not to hide the search input, the input is used to filter fields.

isSelectedFromRepeatedDataSourceContext optional

isSelectedFromRepeatedDataSourceContext: boolean

Whether selected fields are from repeated data source context.

noSelectionItem optional

noSelectionItem: object

If there is no selected fields, will highlight or select this item. If click this item, will clear all selected fields.

Type declaration

    onChange optional

    onChange: function

    Callback when selected fields change.

    Type declaration
      (allSelectedFieldsImmutableObject<FieldSchema>[], dsDataSource, isSelectedFromRepeatedDataSourceContextboolean): void
      • allSelectedFieldsImmutableObject<FieldSchema>[]
      • dsDataSource
      • isSelectedFromRepeatedDataSourceContextboolean

    placeHolder optional

    placeHolder: string

    Placeholder for dropdown, if useDropdown is true.

    selectedFields optional

    selectedFields: ImmutableArray<string> | ImmutableObject<object>

    Selected fields, use object when selected fields are from multiple data sources.

    types optional

    types: ImmutableArray<JimuFieldType>

    Field type.

    useDataSources optional

    useDataSources: ImmutableArray<UseDataSource>

    Data sources only supports feature layer. If your data source is inited, please use dataSources, or use useDataSources.

    useDropdown optional

    useDropdown: boolean

    Whether or not to use dropdown to show the field list. If true, it will show dropdown, otherwise it will not use dropdown.

    usePopulatedDataView optional

    usePopulatedDataView: boolean

    Whether to use populated data view.

    useSelectionDataView optional

    useSelectionDataView: boolean

    Whether to use selection data view.

    widgetId optional

    widgetId: string

    Use widget id to get widget context, e.g., whether widget is in repeated data source context.

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