The ThemeColorPicker component props


className optional

className: string

The className property is used to set the custom className of this component.

disableAlpha optional

disableAlpha: boolean

If true, transparency is not allowed.

offset optional

offset: number[]

The offset modifier can shift your popper on both its axes.

onChange optional

onChange: function

Callback fired when the value is changed.

Type declaration
    (colorstring): void
    • colorstring

onClick optional

onClick: function

Callback fired when a picker block is clicked.

Type declaration
    (evtMouseEvent<HTMLDivElementMouseEvent>): void
    • evtMouseEvent<HTMLDivElementMouseEvent>

placement optional

placement: Placement

Default: bottom

The placement of the pop-up of this component.

presetColors optional

presetColors: ColorItem[]

Predefined standard colors.

showArrow optional

showArrow: boolean

Default: true

Whether to show arrow of popper

showSharedColors optional

showSharedColors: boolean

Default: true

Indicates whether to display the colors of the organization shared theme.

specificTheme optional

specificTheme: ThemeVariables

Default: The theme in the theme context

The theme to get colors.

style optional

style: CSSProperties

The style property is used to set the custom style of this component.

value optional

value: string

The color value of this component.

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