The DropdownMenu component props

Inherits properties from the HTMLElement.

See additional props available from HTMLElement.


alightment optional

alightment: void | void | void

Left align, right align, or center align the menu to its container.

appendToBody optional

appendToBody: boolean

Whether to put dropdown menu to body by ReactDOM.createPortal

flip optional

flip: boolean

If true, the placement of the menu will be flipped in right-to-left (RTL) mode.

maxHeight optional

maxHeight: number

Custom max-height CSS property. The unit is pixel.

modifiers optional

modifiers: Modifiers

modifier options from Popper.js.

offset optional

offset: number[]

The offset modifier to shift the dropdown menu on both its axis. To learn how to use offset, modifiers.offset documentation.

showArrow optional

showArrow: boolean

If true, the menu will show an arrow pointer.

strategy optional

strategy: PositioningStrategy

Describes the positioning strategy to use. By default, it is absolute, which in the simplest cases does not require repositioning of the popper If your reference element is in a fixed container, use the fixed strategy

tag optional

tag: ElementType<any>

Custom html element to be used as a menu's container.

zIndex optional

zIndex: string

Custom z-index CSS property. Effective only when appendTo is parent.

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