The Dropdown component props.

Inherits properties from the HTMLElement.

See additional props available from HTMLElement.


activeIcon optional

activeIcon: boolean | ReactElement<anystring | function | function>

If true or defined, the active dropdown item in the dropdown menu will show a check icon in front of the text. The icon can be customized by providing with a different element, such as:<Icon icon={require('path.to.icon.svg')}/> or <span>⭐️</span>.

autoWidth optional

autoWidth: boolean

If true, the min-width of the dropdown menu will be automatically calculated to equal the width of the container.

direction optional

direction: Direction

Determines the direction and location of the dropdown menu according to its anchor (dropdown button).

disabled optional

disabled: boolean

If true, the dropdown will be disabled.

fluid optional

fluid: boolean

If true, the dropdown will span the full width of its parent container.

inNavbar optional

inNavbar: boolean

Tells the dropdown that it is wrapped within a Navbar component.

isOpen optional

isOpen: boolean

If true, the dropdown will appear as opened. Utilize this property to make the dropdown as a controlled component.

isSubMenuItem optional

isSubMenuItem: boolean

Tells the dropdown that it is wrapped within a DropdownMenu component as a sub-menu item.

nav: boolean

Tells the dropdown that it is wrapped within a Nav component. If true, \<li\> element will be used as the container of the component.

size optional

size: ButtonSize

Defines the size of the dropdown button. The button will take the default size if the value is undefined.

tag optional

tag: ElementType<any>

Custom html element to be used for the container.

toggle optional

toggle: function

A callback function when the dropdown is toggled.

Type declaration
    (eany): void
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