The NavLink component props


active optional

active: boolean

If it is true, the component will be highlighted to indicate an active state

caret optional

caret: boolean

If it is true, the component will show a pointer icon at the end of its content.

disabled optional

disabled: boolean

If it is true, the component is disabled.

href optional

href: any

Sets the value of the native href property on the \<a element, if this property is set, the tag property will be forced to use a.

icon optional

icon: string | ComponentClass<SVGProps<SVGElement>any>

Icon element to display in the content.

iconPosition optional

iconPosition: void | void | void

Defines the position of the icon element.

iconSize optional

iconSize: number

Defines the font-size of the icon element.

innerRef optional

innerRef: Ref<HTMLButtonElement>

Reference to the root html element.

tag optional

tag: ElementType<any>

Custom html element to be used as the link element.

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