The Icon component props


autoFlip optional

autoFlip: boolean

Flips the icon automatically, if the locale is following right-to-left (RTL).

className optional

className: string

Defines the class names added to the element.

color optional

color: string

Defines the fill color of the icon. Only effective when the icon is an svg element and the fill property on its children are unset or set to currentColor.

flip optional

flip: void | void

Flips the icon, horizontal or vertical.

height optional

height: string | number

Customizes the height of the icon.size property will be ignored.


icon: any

The svg icon object. For example: require('')

options optional

options: object

Extra options:currentColor: if set to true, the stroke and fill properties on the child elements will be replaced with currentColor, in order to make color property effective.

Type declaration

    rotate optional

    rotate: string | number

    Rotates the icon by a given degree.

    size optional

    size: string | number

    Defines the size, both width and height, of the icon.

    style optional

    style: CSSProperties

    Defines the inline CSS style properties.

    title optional

    title: string

    The title of the icon.

    width optional

    width: string | number

    Customizes the width of the icon.size property will be ignored.

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